Eddie Tillis: CEO, Co-owner

Before Property Relief Network became the lucrative real-estate investment company that it is today, there was one man on the ground level, hustling to strike a deal and establish himself in the real-estate business in Tulsa: Eddie Tillis. With the help and support of his long-distance business partner, Robert Oliver, Eddie quickly made a name for himself as a real-estate wholesaler and within his first year, created a dynamic and unstoppable team, with whom he continues to collaborate and evolve.

Born and raised in Chandler, Oklahoma, Eddie’s ambition and go-getter spirit drove him to set sales records in corporate America for nearly two decades, before ultimately inspiring him to take the risk and venture out on his own. In collaboration with his business partner, as well as his PRN team, he is now living out his dreams, as a self-made real estate investor and business owner. He is ever humbled by his success, and grateful for the opportunities it has granted him to enjoy time with his fiancee, Layna, as well as his two daughters, Rosalyn and Elise. Eddie now finds joy in sharing his success story and knowledge with other investors hoping to make their mark in the thriving real-estate market.


Layna Edd: Business Coordinator

If anyone ever has a question at Property Relief Network, Layna always seems to have the answer. Perhaps it’s because of her diligent nature and knack for details, or maybe it’s because she has been an instrumental part of the company’s planning and development from day one. Growing up in Oklahoma City, Layna learned how to contribute to a group effort, playing the clarinet in her high-school’s band. She also found a way to indulge her naturally independent nature, competing in track. After earning a degree in Business Administration from East Central University, Layna was able to both utilize and expand her skillset while working in banking and human resources. In 2014, she moved to Tulsa to obtain her real-estate license and begin a career as a realtor.

Despite being a self-professed adventure junkie, Layna now enjoys a quiet life with her fiancé, Eddie and two step-daughters, Rosalyn and Elise. When she’s not working, running around to kid’s sporting events, or taking care of the family’s four dogs, Layna loves to unwind with yoga. As the Business Coordinator at Property Relief Network, Layna enjoys working behind the scenes to support the team. And while she appreciates the many opportunities for growth and development that her position has afforded her, she is also enjoying spreading her wings as a realtor. Always there to meet clients’ real-estate needs with the utmost professionalism, Layna is a critical asset to the PRN team!


Damin Palmer: Acquisitions Manager

Don’t be fooled by his soft-spoken demeanor and unassuming nature. Damin’s dogged determination has always been a driving force, allowing him to shape, and reshape his life and the lives of those around him. Growing up in Oklahoma City, Damin loved sports, playing basketball and football for most of his youth. But, in spite of his active lifestyle, his weight still earned him the nickname, Heavy-D. Deciding that he no longer wanted to carry the weight, or the nickname, Damin dedicated himself to transforming his life and his body, losing an incredible ninety pounds and sparking a passion for fitness and nutritional health. Hoping to inspire others to reach their goals, Damin became a personal trainer. Working in the health club industry, he met Eddie Tillis, who convinced him to join the club’s sales team, a team that would ultimately go on to break virtually every sales record in the company’s history.

Nearly twenty years later, when Eddie decided to leave the industry and open a real estate investment company, he knew Damin would be one of Property Relief Network’s star players. Now working as one of PRN’s acquisitions managers, Damin lives in Tulsa with his wife of twenty years and their youngest daughter, Egypt. They are active in their church and share a passion for fitness and healthy living. Their older daughter, Demornay recently blessed them with their first grandchild, and they are now eagerly anticipating the birth of their son, Myron’s, first child. As a proud father and grandfather, Damin now seeks to positively impact the lives of others through his work at Property Relief Network.


Cindy Rollings: Transactions Coordinator

When you walk through the doors at Property Relief Network, Cindy’s vibrant smile is likely to be the one to greet you. That’s how you’ll know you’re in good hands. Client care and meaningful relationships are of top priority to Cindy. Her background as a patient advocate, in addition to her work in the Healthcare industry, have instilled in Cindy, an understanding of client needs, as well as a desire to serve others. As a proud born-again Christian, Cindy is eager to share her light and joy with the world.

When she’s not in the office, you’re likely to find this power-house over at the health club, where she teaches power yoga, barre, group spin, and group cycle classes. As an active member of her church and community, Cindy cherishes the relationships she has built attending Life Church and volunteering at the VFW. She relaxes by reading Shakespeare, watching World of Dance, and spending time with her dog, Timber. But Cindy’s absolute favorite way to spend her time is with her family, in particular, with her adult children, Jacob and Emily, whom she considers her greatest masterpieces.


Shawna Lee: Acquisitions Manager

Born and raised in Sand Springs, Shawna was introduced to the real estate industry at an early age. Working alongside her father in the family house-flipping business, she developed a keen eye and strong interest in property renovation and sales. When she wasn’t busy taking measurements, laying tile, and managing work crews, she spent much of her time on the softball field. Her athleticism and competitive spirit eventually won her a softball scholarship at Missouri Southern University, where she majored in business management, before returning home to Sand Springs to start a family.

Shawna explored her interests and broadened her skillset while working in insurance, journalism, sales, and management before ultimately returning to real estate. As an acquisitions manager at Property Relief Network, Shawna enjoys utilizing that same competitive spirit and teamwork mentality that served her so well in softball for all those years. She is grateful for the opportunity to work in a role that enables her to help people navigate some of life’s toughest curveballs. Driven by her own challenges as a single mother of three, Shawna is able to empathize with clients and provide support during critical life transitions. As a member of the PRN team, she looks forward to playing a role in many more bright futures!